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Top Interesting Facts

St Patrick’s Festival

St Patrick’s Festival What is St. Patrick’s Festival? St. Patrick’s is an annual Irish Festival dedicated to the patron Saint of Ireland Patrick. The festival is held each year on 17th March and that day is a national holiday in Ireland. St Patrick’s is widely celebrated across the world: Northern Ireland, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the United States, Argentina, New Zealand and more. On St. Patrick’s Day all are eating… Continue Reading

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is the most famous coffee in the world Treat Yourself with Irish Cream Coffee Today! Want to have a warm, alcoholic drink to deliciously perk you up? Then Irish Cream Coffee must be your go-to concoction. With this coffee’s milky and frothy flavors spiked up with Irish whiskey, you’ll surely feel warmed up and relaxed, after a long day or even during the coldest seasons. What exactly is… Continue Reading

Guinness Beer

A Closer Look into Guinness Beer Guinness Beer is the most popular beer in all Ireland. When you ask for a pint in any bar in Ireland, more often than not you will be given a pint of Guinness. The beer is considered as the symbol of Ireland. And it is not a surprise that Guinness beer is the most popular drink in the country. What is Guinness? Guinness is… Continue Reading

Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey: An Exceptional and World- Class Drink When it comes to liquors, without any doubt, Irish whiskey is one of the most popular. Considered as one of the oldest distilled beverages in the world, the Irish whiskey is known not only for its robust profile but also for its rich history. Although Scotch whisky is a more revered drink, it cannot be denied that its counterpart from Ireland has… Continue Reading