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Irish Coffee


Irish Coffee is the most famous coffee in the world

Treat Yourself with Irish Cream Coffee Today!

Want to have a warm, alcoholic drink to deliciously perk you up? Then Irish Cream Coffee must be your go-to concoction. With this coffee’s milky and frothy flavors spiked up with Irish whiskey, you’ll surely feel warmed up and relaxed, after a long day or even during the coldest seasons.

What exactly is Irish Cream Coffee?

Irish Cream Coffee is a drink which has a combination of strong black coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and slightly whipped cream.
In 1935 Foynes Aerodrome chef Joe Sheridan, in Shannon Co. Clare added a splash of whiskey to the coffees he was serving a shivering party of arrivals from Pan Am flying boat, which has been forced to turn back to Ireland by bad weather.
It’s also safe to say this can be considered as every adult’s comfort drink. The caffeine in coffee lets you stay up and awake for hours while its frothy cream along with the warmth of Irish whiskey can let you feel warm and cozy especially during cold seasons. If you’re a connoisseur or casual fan of the coffee culture, you must give this coffee mix a go.

The taste Profile You’ll Enjoy with One of the Best Coffee Mixes

In comparison to your other regular iced coffee drinks, you will appreciate how the Irish Cream Coffee’s cold cream pleasantly contrasts the concoction’s hot coffee and Irish whiskey mixture. As you initially taste the cream, followed by the black coffee which was brewed, you can also taste how the whiskey will nicely settle in throughout a single sip. You can say how drinking Irish Cream Coffee can definitely bring you a lot of palette experiences in one go.

How to Make Coffee: The Irish Way

If you would like to make your very own Irish Cream Coffee, there are a lot of recipes which you can get inspired by. Among a number of coffee types, an Irish Coffee recipe is very much straight forward.
All you’ll need is an Irish Cream Coffee mug or a wide-mouthed wine glass, two to two and a half spoons of sugar, one cup of hot brewed coffee, one shot of whisky and partially whipped cream. These five main ingredients and materials can already enable you to whip up your sumptuous drink.
If you’re wondering how to make your own brewed coffee and if in case you do not have a coffee machine, you can prepare a strainer with tiny gaps and freshly ground coffee. You can place your coffee cup under a strainer which contains the ground coffee, and afterwards, you can slowly pour over your boiling water onto the strainer into the mug.

Do not be worried if your coffee may seem too strong, since you will be placing some sugar and semi-whipped cream on your drink. The next thing to do would be to pour some hot water on your Irish Cream Coffee glass. After a few minutes and if you think the glass is already warm enough, you may already throw out the hot water.
Your purpose is to keep your glass warm since this is the ideal way of drinking Irish Cream Coffee. Plus, your glass will also tend to get slightly colder in the middle of preparing the drink with all its ingredients, so it’s best to warm the glass up.
You may then put two to two and a half spoons of sugar at the bottom of your glass. Afterwards, you must pour in the hot coffee which you previously prepared. You must fill about 75% or three-fourths of your cup with the hot coffee, and stir it so your sugar will thoroughly dissolve into the drink.
After having done the previous steps, you can pour in a shot of whiskey to mix with the coffee and sugar combination. To finish off the preparation of your Irish Coffee recipe, you may then slowly pour in your slightly whipped cream so an even surface on the top the drink will be seen. Some would even opt to sprinkle a dash of nutmeg on top of the slightly whipped cream, to add more flavor and aesthetic appeal on the drink.

Some Food Inspirations of the Irish Coffee Recipe

Since Irish Cream Coffee continues to be a well-loved drink, people would even make cakes inspired by the warm and fuzzy concoction. These cakes would stay true to the layers which are involved in the drink. At the bottom, the crust would be brownish which should reflect the brown sugar; the black core of the cake would imitate the black coffee in the drink. Lastly, there would also be a layer of white, whipped cream looking frosting on top of the cake.

Curious about what this famous and well-loved drink would taste like? Then you must give the mentioned recipe a go. You certainly won’t regret trying out its yummy flavours.