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Irish Whiskey


Irish Whiskey: An Exceptional and World- Class Drink

When it comes to liquors, without any doubt, Irish whiskey is one of the most popular. Considered as one of the oldest distilled beverages in the world, the Irish whiskey is known not only for its robust profile but also for its rich history. Although Scotch whisky is a more revered drink, it cannot be denied that its counterpart from Ireland has also been a favorite all over the world. During the late 1800s, Ireland had the reputation of being the largest whiskey-maker. However, it had a trouble in trying to keep up with the increasing demand and competition just proved to be tougher, which made them overtaken by their Scottish counterpart. Nonetheless, up to this day, it is undeniable that Ireland is still the home of some of the best whiskey drinks you can ever have.

Why Irish Whiskey?
Among the different types of whiskey, why is Irish preferred by most people? There are many reasons for such, and it can vary from one individual to the other. Its sweetness and smoothness is exceptional, making it easy to drink and perhaps the key reason why it is known globally. It began with a single distillery in Ireland, but when people quickly noticed how incredible the drink was, it did not take long before other distillers followed suit to create the same drink that is well-loved in many countries all over the world, in spite of the soaring popularity of their Scottish cousin.

A Quick Look at its History
As early as 600 A.D., the monks have already been distilling in Ireland. However, it was not until 1405 when Irish whiskey has been first mentioned and documented. This takes inspiration from the distilling process of the monks, with some modifications to suit the Irish palate. In the 1700s, many of the Irish people emigrated in Canada and the United States. They brought with them their knowledge about distilling Irish whiskey, which became highly instrumental in its global popularity. In 1779, North Mall Distillery has been established. In 1780, John Jameson & Son’s Bow Distillery has been founded. In 1791, another distillery has been added in the name of John Power and Son’s Distillery. In 1825, The Midleton Distillery has been founded. Through the years, other companies have also surfaced to introduce their own versions of the drink. Today, many of the companies have closed down, and several of them survived through consolidation

Most Popular Irish Whiskey Brands
When you talk about the best Irish whiskey, it is almost impossible to make a universal declaration as each individual may have varying preferences. Among others, however, one of the brands that is globally known is the Bushmills Original. Since it has been launched in 1608, the company has remained true to its original method, which uses pot-grain barley and grain. It comes with a fruity and light flavor, which has a distinctive spicy finish. One of their most popular bottles is the Bushmills 10 Year Old, which is a single malt whiskey.
Jameson’s Whiskey is another brand that has made Ireland a well-known name when it comes to whiskeys. It has gained reputation as the best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. It is made with Irish water, which is sourced from Dungourney River, maize, and malted and unmalted barley. It is also distilled three times to be able to achieve its full flavor. Jameson is available in different variants, all of which are made using their signature method and recipes.
Paddy Whiskey is another brand that you should be aware of. Using barley and water of premium quality, this kind of whiskey is distilled for three times. The result is a well-balanced and pure taste, which is significantly lighter than most of the whiskeys that you can find in the market.

How it Is Made
If there is one thing that makes Irish a good candidate for the best whiskey, it can be attributed to the age-old process of having it made. Many of the most popular brands have been using ancient recipes that have been preserved through time. Generally speaking, the process can be similar to the production of Scotch whisky, with the most significant difference being the fact the Irish uses malted and unmalted barley. It all starts with the drying of the barley in a kiln. After which, it is ground and steeped in water for it to ferment. Once the liquid has already fermented, it is distilled. In the case of most of the good whiskey brands from Ireland, it is distilled three times. After whish is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years.
In sum, even with the introduction of new drinks and variants, the Irish whiskey still remains to be unrivalled in terms of smoothness and flavor. Even with just four major distilleries that are surviving to date, and even in spite of being overtaken by Scotch, it still remains to be a well-esteemed drink.