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Top 20 Dublin pubs

top Dublin pubs

Dublin Pubs…Where are the best Dublin traditional Pubs? They are everywhere!

Nobody could imagine Ireland and Dublin without pubs, bars and a good nightlife. In Ireland everyone goes to the pubs: city and country people, old and young, fat and thin, men and women, rich and those who live wages to wages. People are very relaxed, polite, non-aggressive, they obviously do know how to enjoy their life’s. There are more than one thousand pubs in Dublin and pub culture is nowhere the same in the world. Pubs are a big part of Irish culture: it’s a place where people come to consume alcohol, have crack, as well as were people come and watch sports on big screens and it’s like a social meeting point. Some of the city’s most famous pubs has been working since nineteenth century, and their interiors with high ceilings, old bar tables and large mirrors, fully reflects the spirit of these times. They are outstanding, as they are simple and ordinary, with no modern style or interior details and decor and lots of the items hasn’t been changed since they opened.

Dublin is a place where you are spoilt for choice of pubs. So every visitor will find place of entertainment to personal liking, whether you’re after a quiet pint, glass of red wine or cocktails, rock music bar, traditional Irish dance, food, music or simply want to see the art of having a good time.

Most of the pubs are concentrated in the city center: O’Connell Street area, Temple Bar district, Grafton Street and other main streets. The pubs gets busy and Temple Bar, every hour of the day is busy and gets crowded over the weekends. Temple Bar is visited by thousands of tourists every day and has a vibrant nightlife, it’s a big part of Dublin. Whether day or night during your trip you should definitely come here.

To help you choosing a pub in Dublin, we made a “Top 20 Pubs and Bars in Dublin” list. Also, please see a distance from General Post Office on O’Connell Street to your pub of your choice.

Here is a list of TOP 20 Dublin Pubs:


20.The Long Stone                                                         19. Neary’s Pub

18. Madigan’s Pub                                                          17. The Celt Pub

16. The Auld Dubliner Pub                                            15. Davy Byrne’s Pub

14. Kehoe’s Pub                                                                13. The Bar with no name

12. O’Sullivan’s Pub                                                         11. The Long Hall

10. Mulligan’s Pub                                                            9. The Stag’s Head

8. O’Neill’s Pub                                                                  7. Doyle’s Pub

6. The Norseman Pub                                                       5. Darkey Kelly’s Pub

4. The Porter House Pub                                                 3. O’Donoghue’s Pub

2. The Oliver St.John Gogarty Pub                                1. The Temple Bar Pub