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Top 3 Gay Places in Dublin

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Gay Dublin
2015 was very special and life changing for LGBT community, as Ireland said “yes” to gay marriage. Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. People of all ages and across the world marched for Dublin Pride. It’s believed that 2015 year parade have had the biggest attendance to date- about 50 000.

Dublin Pride festival
Dublin Gay Pride festival is the biggest series of events when gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) celebrates their life and enjoys all events and the highlight of the celebration is the parade. For the first time gay and lesbian event was organized in 1974 and it was just a one day event. Since then, the community has grown massively and today is a big ten-day festival celebrating LGBT culture in Ireland with an expanded arts, social and cultural content. The festival is mainly s run by volunteers.
In 2016 Dublin Pride Festival takes place on 15 Jun- 25 Jun.

Gay places in Dublin
Though attitudes to homosexuality have become very tolerant, Dublin’s gay and lesbian scene remains quite small, due to country being Catholic for ages and forming an attitude to family and stuff.

There are 3 main full time Gay Places in Dublin, but we have to say, that the gay scene spills over into straight venues and vice versa. Due to the ‘mix and mingle’ style of Dublin, the attitude is extremely relaxed and the gay men and gay women generally go to and socialise in the all pubs and clubs.

3 full time gay/ lesbian places in Dublin: