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20 Best Dublin Parks

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The Best Dublin Parks. This section reveals you the list of the best parks in all Dublin.

Parks are country’s lungs. The more we have, the better.Trees remove a wide variety of pollutants from the air. So parks make a big difference when it comes to air pollution, as well as it’s important both for our physical health and mental well being. It’s a crucial part of every community and have a significant impact on the development of every child and the adult- our happiness and life quality.

The benefits of parks on mental health are very obvious-it improves vitamin levels, are vital for our emotional stability, reduce stress and increase happiness. There were lots of researches carried out by different institution in different countries, and all of them proved the same-the more time we spend outdoors in the parks, the better. Direct exposure to nature is vital-even if we spend 10 minutes per day in a park, it boosts our mood and reduces stress levels.

Public parks are often the “engine” of many communities.
In Dublin lots of events like concerts, shows ,markets, festivals, sport and other events take place in parks. Parks provide a super space to interact with each other, meet new people, engage in recreational activities and even celebrate.


MrDublin Guide has a list of 20 Best Dublin Parks: