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Top 10 Sporting events in Dublin

top Sporting events in Dublin

Sport was always a big part of Irish life. It is big business, a national obsession and, no matter if it’s a rugby, hurling or Gaelic football, thousands come to Aviva Stadium or Croke Park, to watch and support their favorite team. Aviva Stadium has a capacity of 51,700 spectators and Croke Park Stadium is one of the largest in Europe, with a capacity of 82,300. Quite often these sport venues can’t fit all the fans. Pubs, on these days, when games are on, are full. All communities meet up at their local pubs to watch the finals. The fans are so supportive, you won’t see this in every country: they getting their face painted, flags, hats and T-shirts express their support. The attribution can be bought everywhere, even on the streets hours before the match starts. All city is obsessed, and people would put the little favorite team flag on their car, decorate their home and business properties.

Horse and dog races are sports that Irish admire. The Irish love of horses is legendary and in Ireland today there are more horses per head of population than in any other country in Europe.

Dublin’s main sporting events are: